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Below are actual quotes emphasizing how our program helps students.


  • My 5th Grade Student has shown great improvement in reading ability, comprehension and self esteem.


  • Student started the year reading on a 4.0 level. At the end of the year he was reading grade level and successful with 5th grade curriculum. Passed reading and math TAKS. Even though he is shy and reserved he talked at great lengths about his visits with Kaiser.


  • Student was new in the district and Kaiser made the student feel special and important.


  • My 3rd Grade ESL student made incredible strides in reading ability. Staff felt student blossomed into a fabulous reader. Student’s relationship with Kaiser is no doubt responsible for much of the student’s growth.


  • My 5th Grade Student Great Improvement overall reading ability, comprehension some improvement.


  • Student can read above grade level but struggles greatly with comprehension. Kaiser made him feel important and special.


  • 4th Grade Student – Great Improvement in reading, comprehension and self esteem.


  • Student has difficulty in all areas of decoding, fluency and comprehension. Through intensive intervention and visits with Kaiser she has made great gains and showed success in the classroom and on TAKS benchmark.


  • My 4th Grade student’s improvement in Self Esteem – WOW!!!! Incredible strides. Social improvement with both adults and peers. Also great improvement in reading, comprehension and behavioral issues.


  • Student started the year at 1.0 level, after the year with Kaiser he is at 3.0. His self esteem has improved so much that his emotional outburst have decreased. Thought of Kaiser as his “Bud”!


  • My 4th Grade Student has shown major improvement with self esteem and behavior.


  • My 4th Grade Student has had a great increase in reading ability, comprehension and self esteem. School felt that Kaiser encouraged student to become a better reader.


  • My 4th Grade Student has significantly increased in reading level and fluency and improved social interaction.


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